Flitetec and its associate company
Flitetrak is diversified in:

  • Civil Aerospace for the manufacture and distribution of spare parts and sub-assemblies

  • Military & Civil Helicopters for the manufacture and distribution of interiors parts and transparencies

  • Business Jets for a diverse range of bespoke designed & manufactured products and distribution of parts.

  • Rail & Transportation for the supply of moulded products and remote sensing systems.

  • Extended Life Solutions – the supply and repair of electronic systems and mature life products.

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Design & Development

  • Product & tool design and CNC programming using SolidWorks and Catia V5 CAD/CAM systems

  • 3D scanning and digitizing of OEM parts to accurately reverse engineer and produce first off prototypes

  • 3D printing for rapid prototype development

  • Vacuum form tools and CNC fixtures designed and manufactured in house, enabling complete control of the process and short lead times


  • Largest stock and variety of polycarbonate sheet material in Europe, supporting unbeatable lead times of less than 2 weeks for any new product

  • Vacuum forming up to 2.0m x 1.2m with 500mm depth of draw up to 10mm thickness

  • 5-Axis CNC twin bed profiling and routing machines

  • Final Assembly, bonding, electronic welding

  • Fabrication of sheet metal components and assemblies

  • CNC 5-axis milling and turning of components

  • Repair and Overhaul of mechanical components including latches and hinges


  • Sourcing difficult to locate parts

  • Stocking, picking, kitting, packaging and distributing manufactured and sourced products