Stain remover

A total three-in-one solution Sanitizing, Cleaning & Stain Removal

A water based cleaner initially developed to remove stains from soft furnishings, including leather, e-leather without the need to “repair” the area afterwards.


Innovation and optimal performance

Conforms to aerospace specifications, no other cleaner, conditioner and sanitiser has been tested to this level

21J Engineering drawing for repair authorisation

Formulated from natural products which significantly reduces any after-application odour

No single use plastic waste

All packaging is made from recycled materials

Tested to ASTM F484-08, F485-08, F1104-02 and F2109-01. Including CS/FAR 25.853 App F Part 1 (a) (1) (ii) and CS/FAR 25.853 App F Part 1 (a) (1) (i).

Fogging technology for rapid aircraft turn around times

Conditions leather, cloth and plastic surfaces providing vast cost savings, eliminating need to replace soiled furnishings

Reduce waste and scrappage of soft furnishings

Refillable dispensers

All materials fully recyclable

MX14 Aero is effective decontaminating surfaces of Covid-19